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Founded in 2001, Ocho Consulting LLC provides marketing and sales consulting services to SMBs. We are experts in marketing operations, sales operations, marketing technology, sales technology, marketing automation, sales enablement, marketing analytics, database alignment, data hygiene, and technology integration. Most of our clients are B2B organizations with complex and sophisticated marketing and selling environments.

Our engagement philosophy is based on two key principles:

Trust is Perishable

Opening your books and exposing your challenges to an outside consultant requires trust and respect. We never take that trust for granted, and we are 100% committed to our clients’ confidentiality.

Experience + Curiosity = Insight

Despite years of experience across a broad set of businesses, we recognize that your particular situation is unique. Instead of cookie-cutter solutions, we lead with curiosity, genuine interest, and a desire to learn.

"Really appreciate the work from the Ocho Consulting team. After three company mergers, two marketing directors, and four major pivots, our data was a hot mess. You guys helped us sort out the signal from the noise and get our sales people back on track."
J. S.
Founder and COO
"The Marketing Operations Assessment has been instrumental for our planning efforts. It identified areas we hadn't considered and confirmed some of our assumptions. Thank you for the very thorough and honest insight."
Kaycee M.
Marketing Director

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We like to work on interesting projects with smart people.

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